Joe Biden Facing Health Issues And Concern Over His Health Rises.

People have been raising questions over Biden’s health since he was campaigning for the presidential elections last year, mainly by Former president Donald Trump. His recent appearance had added fuel to the ongoing fire. This has increased tension amongst people regarding the Biden’s health.

President Joe Biden’s Recent Appearance.

Recently on last Wednesday President Biden was in White House State Dining Room where spoke about the effect of the pandemic on the restaurant businesses. While he was addressing the people he faced many difficulties in speaking and delivering his message to the audience. While talking he was not able to talk for 41 seconds.

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This made it difficult for the people to understand what he was saying and the message he conveyed. While delivering the speech he made mistakes in saying millions and thousands. Numerous video’s have been shared on social media in which he had difficulty while talking.

The Mistakes That Revealed His Health Issues.

This is not where it all ended when a reporter questioned Joe Biden, he could not answer the question. The answer that he gave the reporter was all out of context and it he couldn’t give one valuable point with regards to the question. He also took many pauses for a long time which was very awkward.

Many people have been always defeating Biden since he became the President but many other believe that he is facing health issues and he’s health is declining drastically.

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Sen. Mike Lee Utah gave a sentiment speaking about Biden’s health condition which read –

“I of course have no medical training and can’t diagnose a condition – especially over someone I don’t personally interact – but from a distance I can see that he’s not doing well.”

He sometimes stumbles on a digit or makes mistakes while speaking but many appreciate his efforts and the way he has been handling responsibilities. Joe Biden is the oldest person elected as the president of USA. Many people say he talks less and does more action.

According to a 2019 report which came from Kevin O’ Connor on Biden’s request says that

“Biden is vigorous and fit to successfully be president.”

President Joe Biden will serve only for one term after which he is likely to resign. The report states that he has been taking blood thinners and medicines for acid reflux, cholesterol and seasonal allergies besides this he has done several surgeries for sinus and has removed his gallbladder along with non-melanoma skin cancers.

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