James Charles Accused of PEDOPHILIA after Exposed ‘Sexting’ YOUNG BOYS and Grooming Them

Popular beauty YouTuber James Charles is facing trouble after being accused by teens as pedophile. The influencer was caught ‘sexting’ under-aged boys. In April, he made an apology video, but the damage has been made already. Check out the whole story here

Who is James Charles & What Happened to Him

James Charles, 21 is a famous American YouTube beauty guru and TikTok celebrity. He has been the face of many make up brands such as Morphe. He has attended many Hollywood events as a young beauty influencer. James has more than 25 million followers on YouTube and 33 million followers on TikTok. James came out openly as gay. He is notably famous for his makeup skills, and fashion style.


In February 2021, Charles was accused by few under aged boys for improper behavior. A 16 year old TikToker put allegations on Charles that, he has forcefully ‘sexted’ him and send nude photos on Snapchat. Later Charles denied the allegations and told that, he never knew the guy was under-aged. Charles thought the guy to be 18 and flirted back, later realized and un-friended him.

James Charles Accused of PEDOPHILIA after Exposed ‘Sexting’ YOUNG BOYS and Grooming Them

After this incident, another 16 year and 17-year-old user accused Charles for the same reasons. They have even shared screenshots of personal chats. The boys stated that Charles already knew about their age. These continuous allegations put the ‘pedophile’ stamp on James Charles’s whole career.

Apology and Further Incident

In response to this serial accusation, James Charles finally apologized through a 14 minute long YouTube video. The video titled ‘Holding Myself Accountable’. He vividly said that ‘he is sorry’ for what had happened. He should have checked the boys’ real age before involving in any conversation. He apologized for his ‘reckless’ and ‘desperate’ past behavior.

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James Charles Accused of PEDOPHILIA after Exposed ‘Sexting’ YOUNG BOYS and Grooming Them

He accepted all the allegations and said: “to the guys involved in the situation, I wanna say I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I flirted with you and I’m really sorry if I ever made you uncomfortable. It is completely unacceptable.” He also added that he will be ‘way more careful on moving forward’ in his future interactions and decided to take a break from social media.

All these incidents affected Charles career too. Netizens slammed companies that were connected with James Charles. After so much pressure in April 17, makeup brand Morphe cut down all business plans with Charles. They stated they will never work with the YouTuber. And YouTube itself demonetized James’s channel temporarily.

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