School Shooting In RUSSIA Leaves at least 9 Dead and many Injured

In a dramatic development after the pandemic, the School Shooting in Kazan, Russia has left the country in shock. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued an order to review gun control laws. The shooting in Kazan is one of the worst in recent Russian history. The shooting occurred on the first day of school after the annual May holidays.

The Shooting at Russian School

In a worst school shooting in Russia, an adolescent gunman opened fire at a school in Kazan, Russia. The attack took place on Monday morning, killing at least 9 people. Most of the shooting victim were children.

The shooting spree began around 0630 GMT. The attack sparked panic among students and teachers at School No. 175 in Kazan. Video recording from a nearby building showed panic-stricken people running out of the school building. The video footage also showed people jumping through third-floor windows to escape the barrage of bullets.

As per the police record, the police captured the gunman after almost an hour of the report of shooting. Seven children from 8 th grade and two adults were killed in the attack. With 20 other hospitalized and 6 in intensive care unit, the attack was the worst school shooting in Russia’s recent history.

Ambulances and police vehicles in the aftermath of School Shooting at Kazan, Russia.

Condolences pour in After the Attack

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the indiscriminate shooting, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a day of mourning. He called on for new gun laws and expressed his condolences to the families of victims. Taking into account the weapon used in attack his spokesperson said that the president has called for the provision to control type of weapon that goes in civilian hand.

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Tatarstan leader Minnikhanov called the School attack a ‘major tragedy for the republic’. He also declared that the attacker was a terrorist who attacked the children of the Republic. A minute of silence was observed at football matches while both cabinet and parliament meetings honored the dead in the shooting.

The recent event of Mass Shootings at School has led to voices for stronger gun control measures. It is unfortunate that a nation has to deal with such tragedies. Now all focus is on the government which has to decide to stop these heinous shootings.

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