Israeli Police ATTACKING & KILLING Palestinian Muslim PRAYING!!! in Jerusalem

What is Palestine? It’s a small country that shares its border with Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. It’s one of the most vulnerable countries in the world right now. The history of the country is not grey. It’s simple black and white. This is a story of how a group of oppressors oppresses another group of people because of their religion and where they live.


The year is 1948, a state was founded inside the borders of Palestine known as Israel. This was just 3 years after World War II ended. The Zionists celebrate this day as a victory but for the Palestinians, al-Nakba started this day. This is also known as ethnic cleansing in the English language. And since the year 1948, they have violated every right of the Palestinians. Nakba never stopped.

It has been a part of the lives of Zionists since the nation was created. Till now, they have exiled more than 800,000 Palestinians from their homelands and into exile. 800,000!!!. That’s almost half of the population of Palestine. They have killed men, women, and children. Remember that child on the shores of the sea. The number of Palestinians Israel has murdered is more than you can imagine.


Muslims of the whole world are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan. This is the period of 30 days in which they fast and try to clean themselves spiritually and mentally. And the last 10 days of Ramadan are even more important for the Muslims. They wake up the whole night and pray. Palestinians were also praying in Islam’s third holiest place in the world. They were praying in Al-Aqsa.

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I might add, they were peacefully praying. There were men, women, and children who have come to pray. In the middle of that, they were attacked brutally and violently by the Israeli occupation forces. They shot tear gas and used rubber bullets. I must remind you that they were just praying. What more proof do you need to know the whole picture. There is no nuanced history here. There is no grey area. This is black and White.


The world is silent. The UN is silent. The new channels are stating this as a clash between the Palestinians and the Soldiers of Israel but we know that’s not the truth. This is just propaganda of the west to show their citizens everything’s fine and they go on to live in their bubble.

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