Ben Affleck is BACK with Jennifer Lopez DATING!! and DUMPED Ana De Armas

According to People Magazine, it is reported that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back to their romantic couple after 17 years of split.

The rumored couple was snapped in the public in Montana and later encountered at Jennifer Lopez’s house. Jennifer and Affleck spend time together in Los Angeles when Jennifer is in the town for a film. Astounding news appeared, when both the pair had dinner together at the Hotel Bel-Air. The place has a separate spot on their hearts, because Hotel Bel-Air is supposed to be their first date ambiance. 

Is It True That Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Dating Again?

Jennifer and Affleck traveled together to Shops and places.  Where she uses Affleck’s White SUV car to a business meeting the very previous day when Affleck drives off the car. The pair wasn’t captured by any media. But conjecture applies when Jennifer was seen in the same car White SUV on Thursday, which was driven by Ben on Wednesday. 

Jennifer Lopez split from Alex Rodriguez after 3 years in a relationship being an engaged couple. 

On the other hand, Affleck ended his relationship with Ana De Armas after solid one year of togetherness. The pair hyped after signing for a movie “Deep Water” in March 2020 and spent their quarantine together and later corroborated the public that “They are officially in serious dating”.  But they both decided to walk off and start to focus on their career in the future and reported their separation. 

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What is the backstory of Jennifer and Ben Affleck?

Back in 2002, Jennifer and Ben Affleck got engaged after they developed mutual feelings for each other. The pair has a cognomen “Bennifer” which ramped up in that time and deferred their wedding in 2003. Jennifer and Affleck have been popular celebrities and attended various events together. 

Months later, Jennifer called off her relationship with Ben Affleck in 2004 stating “My Big first heartbreak”. Jennifer and Affleck have a so-called high profile relationship in the Entertainment industry. Even though, after drift, they have been friends for a long time period. 

The pair reunited after 17 years of ‘Strictly Friends’ statues to the rumored couple in recent days.

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