Naomi Osaka Expressing Concerns About Tokyo Olympics 2020

The 2020 Olympics that was to take place in Tokyo was postponed due to the pandemic last year and has been announced to take place starting on 23rd July 2021. It is scheduled to be held from the given starting date till 8th August 2021. However, the title still holds the year as 2020 for this year Olympics for various reasons.

Naomi Osaka on Tokyo Olympics:

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The Japanese tennis player who is at the moment in Rome for Italian Open has spoken about the Olympics and voiced her concerns. She also stated she has been vaccinated already and the players participating in the Summer Olympics are being pushed to get vaccinated as well. However, Osaka spoke that one can not force someone to get the vaccination done.

She expressed that she wants the Olympics to happen as she is an athlete and that’s what athlete wait for to participate but public health should be taken in consideration as well. There should be a discussion for that as the event would affect lot of people and their life.

Naomi Osaka expressing concerns about Tokyo Olympics 2020

Opposition Against the Olympics:

Japan has had a low number of deaths compared to other nations but with increasing virus and other new variant cases, there is public opposition. Japan has extended the state of emergency till the end of the month in some parts of the country and major cities.

With the low vaccination procedure of only 2% population being vaccinated till now, the people are opposed to the Olympics being held in just three months. The Olympics would have ten thousand athletes from countries across the nation.

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More than 300,000 individuals have signed the petition to cancel the event, with just 150,000 digital signatures in first 3 days of the petition. An opinion survey also showed that more than 50% of the poll takers that is the majority wanted the Olympics to be canceled.

The officials of the Committee have stated the schedule would remain same and the event would be held. Japan PM made a statement after being asked in a meeting that he never has put the Olympics event first and people always have been the priority.

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