Donald Trump is Making REPUBLICANS FIGHT!!! Joe Biden Despite LOSING!! the Election, Here’s How

Gone are the days of resting when faced with defeat in an elections. Donald Trump is still the unchallenged boss, in the Republican Party of the United States of America. Despite, him being banned from his tool of choice, i.e. Social Media, Trump is still strong and wields a command on the party. He is already working on his political ambitions from Mar-a-Lago.

Controlling the Republican Party

Trump recently had his Facebook ban extended, after review by the company. He lost to Joe Biden, had seen second impeachment in January. Despite all this the billionaire still reigns as the most influential party member.

He made his mood known even after a ban on social media. He reiterated his claims of election fraud and blasted his fellow Republicans who claimed he did wrong. His list included Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell and other Republicans who voted to impeach him. Republican Liz Cheney faces possible removal from her conference chairmanship.

Trump in a statement slammed Liz Cheney and favored Elise Stefanik to his endorsement to the GOP conference chair. It is worth noting that Stefanik was a moderate, but turned Trump supporter during his presidency. She voted against certifying Biden winner in many of the swing state.

Some Political Responses

Meanwhile, Liz refused to turn down her public remark against Trump. She punched back at Trump with her new in her new op-ed in the Washington Post. She asked her fellow republicans to move away from the hazardous and anti-democratic Trump cult of personality.

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Liz Cheney’s remark caught the attention of President Biden. He claimed that he is surprised over the internal friction within the Republican Party. Biden claimed that he sees Republicans far away from understanding what they stand for.

All of this war of words came right after Facebook’s independent Oversight Committee, agreed to the Trump’s ban from the company. Infuriated by this, Trump cautioned Facebook against trying to limit a President’s free speech rights.

The former President seems in no mood to let his command slip, he remains determined to make a comeback in the 2024 Presidential Election. It would be interesting to see what happens in near future as Trump still is highly popular in the Republican voter base.

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