Berlin Clubs To Be Officially Used As ‘Cultural Institutions’ For Opera & Theater

Night clubs of Berlin Germany were campaigning for over a year to get recognition as ‘cultural institutes’. And finally, the government recommended and allowed in favor of the clubs. Now all the Berlin nightclubs can be used as cultural venues for opera and theater and so on.

Campaign For a Year

The matter was initiated by a multi-party parliament group. Parties such as The Greens, The Left, the Free Democratic Party, the Social Democratic Party of Germany and the CDU/CSU- all formed together with the Parliamentary Forum Club Culture and Nightlife. This party’s main objective was to classify nightclubs as a cultural venue for diversified events of Germany.

Berlin Clubs To Be Officially Used As ‘Cultural Institutions’ For Opera & Theater

Live Musik Kommission of Germany shared that a large number of votes were put in favor of the objective. The club culture is no doubt profitable for the economy of the country. Approximate 168 million euros was earned by the club business in 2018. Thore Debor, the spokesperson of LiveKomm, urged the government to look on the issue: “We are counting on the federal government taking up this parliamentary mandate quickly and implementing the amendment of the building use ordinance in this legislature. Especially now in times of Corona, we need this overdue step more than ever.”

The Benefits of the Night Club

Due to the amendment, the night clubs now have many benefits including tax breaks, protection, a guarantee for permanent placement, and permit to increase business in various parts of the city, also an exemption of the noise limit. The night clubs can now be treated as cultural sites as well as entertainment sites like theaters, opera houses, museums.

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Berlin Clubs To Be Officially Used As ‘Cultural Institutions’ For Opera & Theater

CEO of Berlin Club Commission Pamela SchobeB thanked the parliamentary forum for favoring the decision: “We would like to thank the member of the Parliamentary Forum in particular for their commitment and perseverance in this matter…” She also added: “With today’s decision, the Bundestag is sending a strong and long overdue signal to the republic. Music clubs are cultural institutions that shape the identity of city districts as an integral part of cultural and economic life…”

Berlin Clubs To Be Officially Used As ‘Cultural Institutions’ For Opera & Theater

Lutz Leichsenring, spokesperson of Berlin Club Commission highlighted the fact that this decision is “the result of more than 20 years of nighttime advocacy in Berlin and at the federal level.” Now the future scenario will depend on how the clubs will function.

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