Original Rumor 

It all started after the tabloid NEW IDEA published a story with the title “Charles dumped just two days after the funeral!”.

In its May 3rd issue, the tabloid claimed that Camilla and Prince Charles have decided to separate due to problems in their marriage. The insider said that Prince Charles decided to move from his home to the Welsh cottage.

They also said that she has left Charles during his tough time after losing his father. “Most would think Camilla, who stands to be the queen consort one day, would be very much beside him for that,” the source went on to say.

Where did it come from?

The tabloid NEW IDEA started the rumors with these baseless stories. Similar story stating that the royal couple had a massive fight on their 16th anniversary was published by IN TOUCH Weekly. And this is not the first time tabloids like these have been publishing such false content.

The Truth 

NO Camilla has not DUMPED Prince Charles. Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles are still together and nothing of that sort happened which have been mentioned in these stories. They are just staying at different homes due to some work commitments.