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Chinese Communist Party Mock India’s Covid Crisis and Death in Video

An online media account linked to the main law enforcement agency of the Chinese Communist Party was severely criticized in China over the weekend because it mocked the coronavirus spread in India in online media reports. “The same goes for the records of the CCP Political and Legal Coordination Committee, which is an amazing institution that controls the courts and police. The recording had 15 million subscribers in Saturday’s post. It included two images, a missile broadcast in China and a burning location in India, with the following message added: “China is lighting a fire, India is lighting a fire.

Chinese communist party mock India’s Covid crisis and death.

Analyst Dong Mengyu said on Twitter that although the post initially caused a sensation on the Internet, it caused widespread controversy in Chinese online media due to its inattention, and prompted the member party registry to take rare steps to delete the post. . The blogger wrote an article in which he said: “I am sorry for the interests of the Indians. Contributions to Weibo (Central Political and Legal Affairs Committee) do not suit me. We live on a similar planet. … Suffer “Mr. Dong said that this exhibition was later destroyed.

The first article about Manyu Kötse on What’s on Weibo (a website dedicated to monitoring China’s online media patterns) was published several times before being deleted. A comparison item is shared with a Weibo account linked to the Public Security Bureau, the highest law enforcement agency.

When several Chinese community associations (including some open Buddhist associations) came together to directly provide assistance to India, this two news aroused widespread ridicule. Online media reports are usually detailed by attorney Poets Wang Peng, and then issued a response calling the news “a particularly indecent test.” “Every country has failed! In addition, all countries are active in the pandemic. Another speaker added: “From a regulatory point of view, this is a perfect example of public deception’. “He said: “This is very indecent for an authorized account so that it is not suitable for individuals in China.



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