Kamala Harris announces US will send $310 million in humanitarian aid to Central America

In times of crisis, the world does come together and help the needy. Keeping on with the traditions, Vice President Kamala Harris has announced aid to Central America. She announced a US plan to send an additional $310 million to Central America. The aid targets to address food insecurity and to provide humanitarian relief.

Kamala Harris announces US will send $310 million in humanitarian aid to Central America

Details of the Relief Package

As per the official records, $255 million will go to humanitarian relief. While $55 million will go toward addressing food insecurity in the region. The aid will target the suffering people in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

This announcement comes a month after Harris was given charge of Central American efforts. Meanwhile, a growing number of migrants at the southern US border is stretching the government’s resources. The aid is mainly to lower the influx of these migrants from the southern borders.

The Situation in Central America

Central America is reeling to cope up with the raging COVID – 19 pandemic. The chances of an economic recovery seem grim, with the continuous rise in cases and deaths. Earlier, two devastating hurricanes also battered the region. This resulted in a decline in economic growth in 2020. This decline in economic recovery is expected to worsen income inequality and poverty in the region.

The announcement comes hours after Harris met virtually with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei. The official statement stated both leaders are committed to bolster the bilateral efforts to manage migration. The leaders stressed the need to establish orderly and legal channels for migrants. They agreed on creating economic opportunities to benefit the region.

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Meanwhile, the Republicans questioned as to why the VP has not visited the border yet. Some of the backlashes prompted the White House to make clear multiple times that her role is limited to diplomatic efforts in curbing the migrant flow and not the entirety of the problem. Harris does plan to travel to Central America in June, officials said.

The raging pandemic is causing huge miseries in the lives of people. It remains to be seen how far these humanitarian efforts will go to actually the devastated regions of the world.

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