Doctor Who Star Noel Clarke Accused of RAPING 20 Women by Co-star

#MeToo started trending in the UK after the British BAFTA-winning actor, Noel Clarke was accused of sexual misconduct. The British news website, the Guardian published a report, where around two dozen women accused Clarke of year-long harassment and sexual abuse. The allegations include sexual misconduct, bullying, harassment, unwanted groping, verbal abuse, unwanted touching on set and off set, as well.

Clarke’s sexual misconduct towards women started back in 2004. He even secretly filmed the nude auditions of several female actors, including actress Jahannah James. The 45-year-old reportedly send his nude photos to his professional contacts. Also, he attempted to kiss an assistant film director in front of the whole crew and captured illicit pictures of production assistant.

Once, the Brotherhood actor reportedly asked an actress to have sex with him. He then later threatened the actress from speaking out. Critics noted that Clark’s influence and power in the British film and television industry has let him freely harass and prey on innocent female actresses. One woman told the Guardian that he always tried to bend the conversation towards sex.

Noel Clarke was a disgusted serial sexual predator.

Following the allegation, the actor has clearly denied the allegations. He also added that through his 20-year career, he has always worked diligently and never had a complaint against him. The Star Trek Into Darkness actor vehemently denies any sexual misconduct allegations. He further apologized to anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespected while working with him.

Jing Lusi, a popular actress known for her role in Crazy Rich Asians, who had worked with Clarke in SAS: Red Notice revealed Clarke’s sickening behavior towards her. Lusi reported that Clarke proposed her for sex, but she refused. When she refused, the actor reacted to the refusal in a disturbing way. Clarke reportedly pinned down a woman in dressing room hoping for a sexual intercourse with the woman.

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In the wake of the allegations, Sky has officially removed Clarke from all the future productions within the company. The British Academy of Film and Television Arts or the BAFTA, who awarded the actor back in April announced that they have suspended Clarke’s membership. The father of three denied all the allegations, however, he admitted one of the allegations. He told that once he made inappropriate comments to a woman, but later apologized to her during that time.

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