Joe Biden Stopping Trump’s Borden Wall Construction, Says it’s a Waste of Money

The 46th President of United States Joe Biden took place as President on January 20, 2021 making the start of 4-year term. He has sworn to perform his duties accordingly and fulfil  his responsibilities as President and Kamala Harris as Vice President at 59 inaugurations at United States Capitol , Washington D.C.

Right after his inauguration on the same day January 20 Biden has made a statement regarding the halt of US -Mexico Wall construction, as there is no urgent need of this wall but other treacherous factors that are threatening National Security.


Earlier in 1848, the war has ended, it led to falling of Mexico City and the borders were redrawn. The border was recreated with San Diego and Tijuana 3 miles South of Southern bay. The former U.S President Bill Clinton has approved the initial 14 Miles fencing Between San Diego and Tijuana in early 1993 and completed the construction by the end of the year.

President George Washington Bush was credited with the construction of the 15-18 feet huge wall and 248 miles of vehicle barrier, and 526 miles of physical barrier, the

While Trump asserts the construction of a new 1,000 miles of wall as high as 55 feet tall through remote, mountainous terrain can be built for $18 billion. According to MIT Technology review estimated cost of the construction is $40 bullion. Trump’s top priority was to reduce the illegal immigration of the, he claimed that 90 % oh heroin comes from the southern border, so the barrier helped to reduce illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine.

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The ” DONUMENT ACT ” was announced by U.S Congressman “Madison CAWTHORN “on 27 April had made the statement to remember the barrier’s importance of “Permanent Protection from Alterations “. The bill further directs the construction of the Monument to be completed within the 3 years of funds made are available.


Joe Biden has made his move on the barrier making sensational statement suspension of the wall construction, billions of dollars are diverted to construct the wall , according to the AFP Reports the defense department, counter-narcotics were forced to divert the billion dollars as a fund to construct the barrier.

Biden has criticized the wall construction is, ” ineffective ” and a “waste of money “.As per the estimation by the corps of Engineers pausing the construction would save $2.6 Billion. The cost of the wall drew massive scrutiny and questions about the Trump’s administration waving the regulation to speed up the construction but Biden ordered to halt the progress.

On Friday, Pentagon deputy spokesperson “JAMAL BROWN” said the department of defense is proceeding with the cancelation of the border barrier construction projects paid for , Biden had pledged not to build “not another foot ” of a border wall.

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