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Jaden Smith Dead, Suicide Rumor About Jaden Smith is Worrying His Fans

Being a celebrity or a star kid comes with its own drawbacks. While from the outer their world seems beautiful and fascinating but it isn’t as good as it seems to be. We as an audience are always curious about all the updates happening in our favorite celebrities’ life but how will we set the boundaries, do we know our boundaries?

we can not justify it. Similarly, in 2016 a number of suicidal and death-related rumors were spread regarding Jaden Smith, a Karate kid.  Will Smith is a celebrity, but he is also a father of his children and as a parent no one would ever like to listen or to read about their child. Let’s clear all the rumors regarding the same.

Who is Jaden Smith?

Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith is more than just being a star kid. He from a very young age started playing roles in movies and at the age of 18 completely became independent. Jaden Smit is now 22 years old. He is an actor, rapper, songwriter and singer.

Jaden Smith Dead, Suicide Rumor About Jaden Smith is Worrying His Fans

His first ever role in the movie was along his father Will Smith in a movie called The Pursuit of Happyness and the industry understood the talent of the young boy at that time only. He was also famous for his role in a movie called Karate Kid.

Rumors regarding Jaden Smith’s death and suicide?

In 2016, Jaden Smith became a target of a Death Hoax. Being a famous personality, the news or should we call it rumor were spread all over the internet like fire. It was obviously exaggerated but it can be because of his huge fan following.

Jaden Smith was already the target of the news at that time as he celebrated his 18th birthday in London and for other reasons such as his Netflix show called The Get Down and his relationship with Sarah Snyder who is a model and was of 21 years back then. Soon after the news of Jaden’s suicide was being read all over the internet. The rumor got aired when the fans found out Jaden didn’t tweet since July 2016. The rumors were cleared soon after by his representative


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