Australians IMPRISONING Passengers Coming from India Spark Massive International Outrage

The Government of Australia has reportedly made the journey from India temporarily illegal. India is currently facing a deadly rise in number of infections of the  coronavirus over the past few months. Few months ago, there were around 10 to 15 thousand cases per day, but now the number of infections has crossed the 400 thousand mark. This devastating second wave has led to the shortage of oxygen and beds in hospitals.

Australia has already banned all flights flying to and from India. The temporary bans commence on Monday and applies to all those who have visited India within 14 days of their arrival time in Australia. If an Australian tries to return home from India, he/ she could face five-year prison term and fines up to 66,000 Australian dollars. For returning to home, the Australians have been criminalized for the first time.

There are around 9,000 Australians in India, which includes top international players playing in Indian Premier League. Out of the 9,000 Australians in India, 600 are reportedly vulnerable. The Health Ministry made the shocking decision following the meeting at of the National Cabinet. Australians authorities were compelled to make the decision after studying the number of people, who have acquired the deadly virus.

Five years in jail and an A$66,000 (£37,000) fine, or both for those who fail to comply the temporary ban

Health Minister Greg Hunt reported the number of people arriving from India with the Covid-19 infection was unmanageable. The Australian borders are closed from March 2021. This decision has sparked huge international outrage. Dr Vyom Sharmer, a notable health commenter said that Australia’s decision is absolute abandonment of its own citizens. Australians expressed their resentment online for treating them as a criminal for returning to their own home.

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In the official passport of Australia, there is an inscription claiming that the citizens can pass freely. The inscription also calls for assistance and protection when the Australians stuck abroad and when in need. Internation law also recognizes the right to return home, which is enclosed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, here’s the problem — one cannot argue the UN laws in an Australian court. Elsewhere, Australia has reportedly agreed to sent medical and emergency supplies to India.


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