VIDEO: Man Begging Before Being Killed By Police, Body Cam Footage Reveal Horrifying Details.

Daniel Shaver the name we all must have had wiped out from our minds. So let me take you back to 2016 and to the story about his murder. The US police had received a complaint back in 2016 about a man pointing out a rifle from the balcony of a La Quinta Inn & suites hotel in Mesa Arizona. Daniel was at the hotel when police visited the hotel in response to the complaint that was filed.

Is Police There To Protect People Or To Take Innocent Lives?

The matter began when Daniel called two of his acquaintances named Monique Portillo and Luis Nunez for a drink in his room. He then began showing them an air rifle that he used to exterminate birds inside grocery stores. At one point in time, the rifle was pointed outside the window of the fifth floor. A reception staff noticed this and filed a complaint.


Nunez left the room unaware of the complaint leaving behind Daniel and Portillo. On polices, arrival Daniel and Portillo were taken into custody. Police arrested Portillo unarmed. They kept Daniel waiting there and kept giving him instructions but at that time Daniel was intoxicated. There was alcohol in his blood which was three times more than the normal due to which he couldn’t follow the instructions properly.

26-year-old shaver kept begging to police for his life but police thought he had some weapon with him which he is trying to reach again- an- again, after which he was shot five times and was declared dead on the sport. After which a murder case against police officer Philip Brailsford was filed but he was not found guilty. The case was closed after the judgment but again in March 2018 the case was reopened and the court started with the investigation freshly.

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It is said that Brailsford suffered Post Traumatic Disorder after he killed Shaver. At present, it is said that he is working with some steel plant after his termination from the police department. Recently on Friday a body camera footage was released where all this got recorded.

In the footage we see Shaver sobbing and following the instructions given but suddenly he reaches to the back towards his pant leg and gets misunderstood for removing weapons and gets killed.

In a statement that was made by Brailsford in the court, we see him saying-

” If this situation happened exactly as it did that time, I would have done the same thing, there are no winners in this case.”

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