Joe Biden & Kamala Harris Think USA Is Not Racist After George Floyd’s Death.

We all know how brutally George Floyd was killed by the Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin. He was convicted guilty of the murder on April 20th this year. This was a huge relief not only for Floyd’s family but for mankind. This was a case that gave rise to the second biggest Black movement after the 1960’s Black movement.

Will Racism Ever End In America? What Joe Biden Has To Say About It.

A day later Floyd’s conviction President Joe Biden addressed the nation on the matter. In his address to the nation, he called Floyd’s conviction as the first step towards eradicating racism in America. He began his address to the nation by saying

” The conviction of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin in the killing of George Floyd can be a giant step forward for the nation in the fight against systematic racism. “Later he declared that – “It’s not enough. We can’t stop here.”

Joe Biden & Kamala Harris Think USA Is Not Racist After George Floyd's Death.

In the White House hours when he was addressing the nation in the address of congress Biden had Vice- president Kamal Harris beside him. The duo in the address called the nation to act swiftly to address policing reform, including by approving a bill named for Floyd, who was killed by Derek with Floyd’s neck under his knee last May.

Biden also said that ” The entire country must confront hatred to change hearts and minds as well as law and policies. “I can’t breathe”   those were George Floyd’s last words. We can’t let those words die with him. We have to keep hearing those words. We must not turn away. We can’t turn away.”

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Kamal Harris Vice President of America and the first black woman to serve the nation said  – ” Racism was keeping the country from fulfilling its founding promise of “liberty and justice for all. It’s not just a Black American problem or a people of color problem. It is a problem for every American, it’s holding our nation back from reaching our full potential. A measure of justice isn’t the same as equal as justice.”

Before addressing the nation he called Floyd’s family, on the phone call Biden said that ” We’re all so relieved.” He even spoke to Floyd’s youngest daughter Gianna, he spoke these words -“Daddy did change the world.”

After the address to the nation in the White House Harris was seen in the Good Morning America on Thursday where she said

” I don’t think America is a racist country, but we also do have to speak the truth about the history of racism in our country and its existence today.”

She says America is not racist but she believes that this legacy of racism needs to be seriously addressed.

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