IHOP Employee Disrespects Adam Sandler and Instantly Regrets Doing So

Nowadays almost every single person has a new look due to the frequent lockdown and the mask. Most of the celebrities have a new surprising look. Imagine a scene wherein a popular celebrity you see almost every day on the TV screen with a long beard and mask on. Will you recognize him or you’ll think he is just an ordinary person and treat him so? Something similar happened with the Big Daddy Star Adam Sandler.

What Made Adam Sandler Leave IHOP Silently? 

Recently he visited the IHOP restaurant where he approached one of the IHOP employees, who couldn’t recognize him and asked him to wait for 30 minutes. The employee who turned away the star is a TikTok star named Dayanna Rodas. The video of her turning away the star went viral. Dayana too posted the same on her TikTok account a few days later and captioned it saying –

” Pleaseee come back. Not realizing it’s Adam Sandler and telling him it’s a 30 minutes wait and him of course leaving because he’s not going to wait 30 minutes for IHOP.”

IHOP Employee Disrespects Adam Sandler and Instantly Regrets Doing So

There is neither any comment nor reaction from Adam Sandler on Rodas’s post nor on this matter. But unlike other Hollywood celebrities, Adam didn’t use his name for getting things done quickly in no matter of time, for him instead he left the restaurant quietly without creating any scene.

In the video that Rodas Posted on TikTok she us saw with the clown mask indicating how embarrassed she is. Rodas is a TikToker and has over 11.9k followers. Her Instagram handles ‘day.dayanna’ too has over 2.9k followers out of which she follows only 300 accounts. According to the sources, it is said that she resides in New York City. She is often seen with Anthony, believed to be Rodas boyfriend.

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Rodas was born on 28th April, the year still being a mystery. Soon after the video of Rodas talking and Adam’s conversation goes viral. There is a flood of messages and comments. Most of the comments appreciating Adams gesture of quietly leaving the restaurant.

Adam was wearing basketball shorts and an Orange huddie with the mask on. He visited the restaurant along with one of his daughters but he soon left thereafter Dayanna told him to wait. It was that he would create a huge scene but nothing happened.

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