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YNW Melly Prison Release Date, Death Penalty, and More

Jamell Maurice Demons, also known as YNW for the world, faced serious charges. And that has been devastating to all his fans all around the world. No one knows the lawsuit and the effect of a lawsuit more than the one who is charged with it and in this case, it’s a rapper. No one would have thought a public celebrity would do something like this. And from the looks of it, the rapper is himself not too happy with this. How can he? It’s not a joke to be charged in the American courtroom.

And the case is also no joke. It’s a double murder case. Yes, you heard it right. He killed two people. more specifically, two of his friend. Their names are Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr. But, after all this, his fans want him to get out. They are waiting for him to get out. But, it’s impossible as our rapper has secured himself life imprisonment. You can’t get out of that. Your death in jail is inevitable.


All of this incident actually took place in Florida, in Miramar if I am being specific, on the 26th of October, 2018. Three years earlier. YNM murdered his friends and also two young and hopefully rappers YNW Sakchasr and YNW Juvy. Their real names were Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr respectively. YNW was arrested next year in the month of February, after a full 4 months. No one knows why he did it. Why he took this major step that can completely destroy his life.


All the evidence supports him doing that but the fans are still finding it difficult to believe that one of their favorite people can do horrible killings. On Twitter, the #freemelly was trending a couple of times but the fans too could not do anything. It’s not about releasing a director’s cut of the movie, it’s about releasing a man convicted of double homicide. YNW has also a death penalty against him but the state is not going ahead with it, it seems. In the past, many activists and lawyers have called this unconstitutional method. There is no statement by the court to release him.

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