Cornor McGregor Seen Celebrating After Sexual Assault Case was Dropped Against Him

One of the highest-paid sportsperson Conor McGregor was accused of sexual assault previously. McGregor is the biggest star of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He holds the title of fastest victory in Ultimate Fighting Championship fight. Let’s read all about the case and other details about the fighter.

There are always two sides to the case and no one can conclude without knowing both sides. Similarly, just because someone is famous doesn’t mean he can’t do anything wrong. Plus, there’s also a possibility that people try to get into highlight or attain monetary benefits by getting into such cases with rich and famous personalities. 

What was the case all about?

Last year in September, McGregor was arrested in Corsica which is an Island off the coast of Italy and France. The victim who chose to hide her identity claimed that Conor exhibits himself in front of her while she was on her way to the washroom. The woman who accused him is married and strongly claims that McGregor sexually assaulted her.

It is also claimed that the authorities investigated the YAch he was staying in and found no questionable behavior from his side. His manager also claims in an interview that the athlete won’t be a target of all the people who are trying to earn money through such allegations and won’t fall into their trap. 

Cornor McGregor Seen Celebrating After Sexual Assault Case was Dropped Against Him

Mcgregor was Seen Celebrating, Why?

After all the investigations are done by the French prosecution, it was found that there is no sufficient evidence against the UFT Champion. As the result, they had to drop the case because they couldn’t find enough reasons to continue with the case.

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Previous Sexual Assault Case Against Conor McGregor?

It wasn’t the first case related to sexual against the fighter. Previously, he was charged with the same allegation of sexual assault while he was in Dubai. In March 2019, McGregor was charged with sexual assault while his stay in Dubai’s hotel Dublin. The woman claimed that McGregor assaulted her while she was in a vehicle outside a pub. He then was arrested and was questioned about the same but they couldn’t find much proves against him and was released with a clear tag.


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