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Microsoft Brings Xbox Cloud Gaming Services to iPhones and iPads

Have you guys heard of the xCloud cloud gaming service by Microsoft? Of course, you have. That’s why you are here. Well, Microsoft is releasing this for IOS. Especially for iPhones and iPad. They are also releasing it for the internet browsers of windows-10. They are widening their market by giving almost 100 game titles to Xbox Game Pass subscribers. But we don’t exactly know how it works because it is BETA right now, but they are working to make it bug-free.

It’s quite simple to access those games. You just need an IOS device or a laptop with windows 10 installed in it. whether you can open the website on iPhones, iPads, and on windows 10 by logging in to your Microsoft or Xbox account. After this, you have gained access to hundreds of games to play. This project was on the minds of the Microsoft team for a long time and finally has come true. This is not a unique thing to have released in the market but surely it’s from the biggest tech company out there.

Microsoft Brings Xbox Cloud Gaming Services to iPhones and iPads


Of course, it won’t be available for everyone. It is not free. It will be only accessible to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service subscribers. But furthermore, you will need to have a pass, a kind of invitation to enter the gallery of infinite possibilities. And even if you are a subscriber, your hands are bonded. You can not do anything. Microsoft itself is going to send the pass to subscribers on a random selection process. This will be done across 22 countries of the world and everyone, almost everyone will get an invite when the time comes. they do not want high traffic right now. Apparently, India is not among those 22 countries.

Microsoft Brings Xbox Cloud Gaming Services to iPhones and iPads


For eg., you are playing your Xbox and you are on a crucial mission right now. One thing you have to know that your missions are saved on the cloud and that’s where Microsoft used their brain. Back on the crucial mission. Something came up, you have to go somewhere, like travel somewhere. You can’t just pack the whole setup and leave for the destination. It’s not a chance. What the Xbox cloud gaming does is you can login into Xbox with your id and it shows you the same mission and you can continue from where you left the game in the first place.

Microsoft Brings Xbox Cloud Gaming Services to iPhones and iPads

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