Controversy Behind NBA Player LeBron James and Ohio Bar Owner?

Following the incident in Columbia, Ohio where a 16-year-old girl was shot by the Columbia police gave rise to many people getting angry. James LeBron, an American football player tweets regarding the happening that the police officer is next with an hourglass emoji and later deleted the tweet saying violence does no good to anyone including himself.

Why does the Ohio Bar owner want LeBron James to be Expelled from the NBA?

After the tragedy that came about in Ohio and LeBron James’ reaction to the same went viral, James deleted his tweet in which he posted the picture of the policeman who shot Ma’Khia Bryant, a 16-year-old black girl and said that anger won’t do any good to anyone. He added that the black lives are treated poorly by the whole system. He said the system uses their words to spread more hatred. 

What is the controversy behind LeBron James and Ohio bar owner

Jay Linneman demanded LeBron to be expelled from the NBA. Jay Linneman is the owner of Linnie‘s Pub in the township of Delhi and asked his customers to not show up in the bar if they want to see the NBA matches. He won’t show any NBA matches until and unless LeBron James, a native of Ohio and professional football player is expelled from the NBA. 

The bar owner wants James to be expelled from the NBA because according to Jay, the only job James is supposed to be better is in the sport of basketball. Jay says players need to play games their opinions do not matter at all. 

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LeBron Responds-

James LeBron responds to the owner of Linnie‘s Pub who refused to show any NBA match on the TV at his club unless the NBA expelled the player, James said he was headed towards his bar to watch his match and have a drink. 

James explained why he deleted the tweet and said he is tired of how people treat black people. He said his tweet was being used to spread more hate. Donald Trump published an opinion in the comments calling James a ‘Racist’ and his act was demeaning and he might be an outstanding player but he is not putting forward any effort to unite the nation.

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