Who is Greg Kelley? Story About His Perseverance from Labeled as RAPIST to Clearing His Name

Greg Kelly, a former Leander Texas High-school football player. In 2013, Greg was all set to begin his senior season but fate has changed by the charge of being molesting a 4-year-old boy and sentenced to 25 years Prison in the same year August 9, 2013.

Greg Kelley Falsely Accused of MOLESTING a 4-year-old boy

Greg Kelley was allegedly sent to prison in Texas for 25 years prison terms for child molestation. In his latest interview ” I was labeled a monster and now would you see one out of every two people I interacted with on a daily basis talk terribly about me”. Kelley finally exonerated, and he had people saying sorry and happy for him, bearing his disturbing past but still high-spirited.

The sequence of molestation drama is clearly depicted in the docuseries ” Outcry” by Pat Kondelis

The authorities have stated that the victim was abused and Kelley had put his pee-pee in his mouth twice at daycare which operated by his mother.  the accuser was confused by the identical appearance of both Greg and Johnathon McCarty.

Who is Greg Kelley? Story About His Perseverance from Labeled as RAPIST to Clearing His Name

For being convicted, Greg has patiently maintained his innocence, he filed a retrial, and the case was again opened and the authorities were keen on finding the real culprit.  In the twist of events, however, Greg has  Wore the same SpongeBob pajamas and several witnesses testified that they have seen Johnathon regularly in SpongeBob pajamas and he even wore the same pajamas to school.

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Kelley had detailed that he was helping his brother move and was reportedly not at home when the 4-year-old boy victimized. Johnathan who was at the” daycare ”  in fact wore the same pajamas as Greg to make him the suspect. the evidence was not directly linked to Johnathan so the police have suspected Greg.

Naked pictures of children were found on Johnathan’s mobile as well as on his computer. he even uploaded a 7-year-old child dancing with the caption” My Dream Boat”. he also accused of raping and drugging four women while Greg was in jail.

Who is Greg Kelley? Story About His Perseverance from Labeled as RAPIST to Clearing His Name

Johnathan was accused of sexual assault in 2018 for a different case, where he abducted her, put codeine in her soda, and completely blacked out later she regained consciousness in the bedroom. in the year 2019, he was sent behind bars, guilty of unlawful restraint and drug charges, and sentenced to 4 years in prison.

According to KVUE  News on Nov 6, 2019, District Attorney Shawn Dick has indicated that he has no plans to go forward with the case, meaning Kelley can move forward with his life.

they both were happy together and Gaebri has stood with him all through the conviction and stayed alongside him and she has been a constant support for him. Greg and Gabri married in January 2020. She was 17 when Greg was accused of sexual assault.

Greg Kelley, set to play football at Eastern Michigan

Greg Kelley has further detailed that he got an opportunity to play football on ESPN. the eastern Michigan coach Chris Creighton has said that they wanted to him an opportunity to live out of his dream.  He was enrolled at the University of Texas in January  2020, also attended a tryout in February 2020. Greg Kelley is now on his to chasing his dream of playing college football.

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