Georgia’s JT Daniels in Good Grace with Jim Mora but still has to Prove himself

American Football Coach, Jim L Mora took part in the National Football league as a head coach after his career as a player. He has coached the Atlanta Falcons from 2004-2006 and Seattle Seahawks in 2009. The former coach expressed his views on Georgia‘s quarterback player JT Daniels.

Who is Georgia’s JT Daniels?

Quarterback football player, Jonathan Tyler Daniels of the Georgia Bulldogs represents the University of Georgia in the American football matches. The player is just 21 years old and falls under the junior category he passed 4,213 yards and gained the Gatorade Player of the Year award and the Male Athlete of the Year award. 

The player played for NCAA at the age of 20 and took the Bulldogs to greater heights by leaving the opponents stunned by passing for 1,231 yards. Jim Mora, the former coach who also served for NFL Network, has been observing this player from long back and shares his views on Georgia‘s JT Daniels entering the 2021 draft. 

The NFL draft works as a platform to recruit players and occurs annually ever since 1936. Jim first saw Daniels when he was in 8th grade and visited a football camp in UCLA. He saw the skills and capabilities Daniels had for the first time and was completely amazed. 

JT Daniels in good grace with Jim Mora but still has to prove himself

What does Jim Mora think about him?

Mora thinks that the only weapon JT Daniels excels in is his incredible physique and this assures that he might appear in the draft. JT has suffered a major knee injury and has overcome it and Mora admires his performance in the USC. 

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Mora was impressed by JT coming back to represent Georgia in the last season after overcoming a serious injury. He appreciates his will and toughness to endure such a thing. He also appreciates the coaching staff as they took the right step by keeping JT Daniels at rest and recovering his health. 

JT Daniels has always been serious about his matches and has always been into it. Daniels has gained trust over himself again and will start with getting back again but there is much he has to do. He still has to prove himself and his knees and there’s a long way for him to go.

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