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Emilia Clarke Joining Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion’ Series For Disney+

With more than 23 films in their basket, Marvel has surpassed everyone’s imagination. They have created something no one will ever overcome. And they have already planned 14 movies ahead of their time. With 2 shows streaming and more than 5 shows planned in the same universe, it is pretty hard to remember every actor which was a part of it. There is a wide range of actors too in it. From veteran actors to newcomers, everyone is a part of this. and many are going to be a part of it because they are not stopping.

Marvel is and will be developing series for their streaming service and for it to grow, they have to be regular. They have to shower it with content on a constant basis or they will be defeated in the race of streaming services. They are making a series on the Secret Invasion comic published in 2008. And they are finally revealing the possible cast to it. Although the two casts which have been confirmed from the beginning are Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn.

Emilia Clarke Joining Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion’ Series For Disney+

Role of Emilia Clarke:

We all know Emilia Clarke, the famous Daenerys Targaryen. She is an amazing actress. She has already shown her skills in the series and we know she can pull off some great roles. Emilia Clarke will be joining Marvel Cinematic Universe and her entry will be in Secret Invasion. Now she is a quite popular star but we still don’t know which character she will be assigned to play. Is it a big character that will affect the storyline of the movie or just a special appearance? But because of her fandom, we don’t think it will be just a short appearance.

Emilia Clarke Joining Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion’ Series For Disney+

Other Leads:

But still, Marvel Studios and Emilair Clarke, both have not announced this news for us to get confirmed. I think they are waiting for everyone to join in. Like every cast to be given their role and then they will come out with the news. Other actors who are possible to join the cast are Kingsley Ben-Adir, and Olivia Colman. Olivia Colman is also a great actress. Recently she was a part of a comedy series called Fleabag and she was just amazing in it. You also saw her in Lobster.

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