Amazon is All Set to Spend $465 Million on the Lord Of The Rings Series

We are all familiar with J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings fantasy novel series. And also you guys are familiar with the trilogy made under the direction of Peter Jackson. It was one of the most profitable books of all time and also one of the most profitable movies of all time. Praised by critics as well as the audience. And with the last part’s runtime of more than 4 hours, the movie never fails to entertain its audience. The movie has 17 Oscars in total. It was that good of a movie. And if you have not watched it, you are mission on something epic.

And studios can’t help but capitalize it. the news first got out two years earlier that Amazon is making a series on the Lord Of The Rings. But the news was confirmed a few months before and by few months I mean before the whole Pandemic started. But recently some more information was made public and we are here to tell you that.


We have known from starting that Amazon is going to spend almost $1 billion dollars in the making of The Lord Of The Rings. A quite huge gamble but I think it is a carefully calculated step. People loved the show. Some new details were released. It was released when Amazon submitted the official paperwork to the New Zealand authority for permission for the shoot. Yes, the series will be shot in New Zealand as the original series was made. It is revealed that the first episode will cost almost $465 million dollars. It will be the largest and costliest series ever made in the world.

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It was also confirmed by the Amazon studio when Insider asked them about the details in the official paperwork and they agreed to it. Just to compare the first episode of Game Of Thrones was made in $100 million dollars. The first episode of this series is four times higher than Game Of Thrones. Actually more than four times. It will not be just the costliest series but the cost exceeds anything ever made in Hollywood before.


Back in 2017, Amazon brought the rights of The Lord Of The Rings to the television, and the anticipation of the series started. Although the series won’t be based on any of the films in the trilogy or the Hobbit. But it will take us thousands of years back in the story of Middle Earth. It was hoped that the series will release this year. but by the looks at it, We don’t this it will be released before 2022.

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