Age of Empires IV Gameplay Videos Show Delhi Sultanate and More, Arriving Later this Year

It’s one of the oldest modern games in the world. The age of Empires has been changed many times. The game has been through some serious alterations that when it came out, it has become a different Age Of Empires. We all remember it playing the game because the game was so much fun.

It was a pure strategy game. And you also learn many things. The game is also a great History teacher. This game is based on the real events that happened in the era of Emperors.

And this year, the developers have announced the 4rth part of the game. The game will not only for PC but will also be designed to run on other gaming devices like Play Station and X-box. The trailer of the game which was approximately 3 min long was released a couple of days back and it looks mesmerizing. The game takes you back to all the memories you have left in the past. The game, of course, will have all the features of the old versions but will new skills and graphics and story.


Those who don’t know the game. The first part of the game was released way back in 1997 and it consisted of the four oldest civilizations. and those civilizations later divided into 12 civilizations. The four civilizations were Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Greek, and Asian. Also, the game provides you with workers, which helps you to construct buildings and collect food, and hunt animals for food. You can also use your workers to explore areas in the shadows because you won’t feel a thing if they died and they are cheap to make again.

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Then you had your army, which helps you to conquer land or different civilizations and defend your land from different civilizations. Your army consists of horse riders, archers, sword wielders, and many more. And they are a little costly to buy if compared to workers. There are also ranks in the army, the higher the rank of the officer, the difficult it is to make them.


This 4rth part of this game looks promising with the introduction of the Delhi Sultanate and heavy artillery with elephants. There is also the English, Chinese Empire. The graphics look amazing and you can see the clarity in the trailer. The trailer was less of a trailer and more of gameplay because it did not have any cinematic shots. We can also see some great details in the farmers and soldiers too. The release date of this game will be in the last months of this year.

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