GTA 6 Setting and Location LEAKED!! by Rockstar Job Posting

Even though GTA 6 was announced, there were no news updates on the game development for a while now. But looks like Rockstar Job Posting decided to drop some major hints about the game plan of GTA 6. The most recent prattle is that GTA 6 may dispatch in October 2023 and be set in Miami.

The advancement timing implies anticipating the amusement to be a PS5 and Xbox Series X title may be beyond any doubt wagered, and the discharge of a remastered GTA 5 for PS5 in 2021 proposes we might be holding up till at slightest 2022 for GTA 6.

But now fans are guessing what other locations the game might wander in.

GTA 6: Location Leaked

The leaker too expressed that the outline within the other GTA “is set to be the estimate of GTA V & RDR2 combined.” The diversion will as far as anyone knows take players on a brief trip to another nation, also at a few points within the campaign, players will head to someplace in Central America.

GTA 6 Setting and Location LEAKED!! by Rockstar Job Posting

The areas that the amusement is supposed to be set in are:

  • Liberty City (Restricted Region)
  •  Vice City (Primary City)
  •  Rio de Neve, South America (Rio de Janeiro, Main City)
  •  The Republic of Castellano, South America (Blend of Bolivia and Colombia, Main City)
  •  Minor Cities  like
  • People’s Republic of del Castro, Central America (Anecdotal Central American island based on Panama and Cuba, Island) Mexico (Mexico, Restricted Area)
  • Prologue: 1978
  •  Main Story: 1980s
  •  Epilogue: Current Day
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GTA 6 Setting

GTA 6 Setting and Location LEAKED!! by Rockstar Job Posting

In an interview with The Guardian Dan Houser, the ex-head author at Rockstar Games talked about GTA 6’s setting. He said, “GTA London was cool for the time,” he said, alluding to the first Grand Theft Auto amusement. He added further saying, “But diversions were more restricted at that point. These days I think we would love to set a game within the UK, set in London, anything, but I do not know on the off chance that it would be a GTA game.”

Unfortunately, it does not seem like we will be seeing a GTA amusement in London anytime before long; but you never know there may be a chance!

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