Emilia Clarke REPLACING Amber Heard in Aquaman 2 Fan Art, It’s For the GOOD, Says Fans

Amber Heard played the character of Mera in Aquaman. But now it looks like the fans want Amber to be replaced by Emilia Clarke in Aquaman 2. A fan art broke out viral where Emilia was in the outfit of Mera. The resemblance was uncanny and the fans loved it. Now they are writing petitions to DC to star Emilia in part 2 of Aquaman.

Aquaman 2 is set to release on December 16, 2022. So the chances are a bit less to replace the lead character of the movie. But we do not know, anything can happen. The divorcing couple Depp and Amber are losing too much as when Depp lost his Libel case against the distribution of The Sun, Warner Bros. inquired the performing artist to step down from his part as Grindelwald in Phenomenal Beasts 3. So comparative can happen with Amber losing her gig as well.

Clarke as ‘Mera’

Emilia Clarke REPLACING Amber Heard in Aquaman 2 Fan Art, It's For the GOOD, Says Fans

The over picture comes to us from the Instagram of fan artist JPH. They’ve got a clear intrigued in comedian book adjustments and has rendered an assortment of comedian book characters by means of fan craftsmanship. After the total Amber and Depp feud, fans moreover don’t like Golden much as an individual. Replacing her may be the way better alternative.

Emilia Clarke has been famously known as ‘Mother of Dragons’ after the most loved series ‘Game of Thrones.’ In fact, Jason Momoa and Emilia have been on screen before as Khal Drogo and Khaleesi. Both were husband and wife. So it won’t be a surprise to see them act together again.

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Petition to Replace Amber

Emilia Clarke REPLACING Amber Heard in Aquaman 2 Fan Art, It's For the GOOD, Says Fans

Many fans of Johnny Depp started a petition on to fire Amber from Aquaman 2 because of Amber’s false accusation of domestic violence. And then this fan art of Emilia Clarke came into the picture. The art was so believable that fans started seeing Emilia playing the role of Mera, so currently, two petitions are going. One to remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 and to cast Emilia in the movie. As of right now, the petition has over a million signatures.

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