American Idol Season 19 Episode 14: Release Date and Watch Online

American Idol is one of the best singing shows out in the market. And we have come a long way since 11 June 2002 when the first season was released on cable TV. at that time we did not have any good singing show-type entertainment. Yes, there were movies and TV shows but sometimes, you just need something light-hearted to watch and you want to do your daily chores with it.

for ABC cable network, this turns out to be one of the most profitable ventures of theirs. People start watching TV shows more consistently. You were watching a group of people singing and the great singers of that time judging them with great passion. And the people were into it.

American Idol Season 19 Episode 14:

We have come a long way indeed. American Idol is on its 19th season. Many judges were replaced, many contestants came and some won and some lost. But one thing is consistent and that is viewership. The audience is still into this show. The 19th season started in February and it’s still going on. We have an amazing panel of Judge including Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, and one and only Katy Perry. Ryan Seacrest is the host for this season, might change in the next.

The show runs on a simple method. There is a panel of judges and contestants. The singers who will perform are chosen by the judge themselves in a trial and then the show starts. The singers demonstrate their skills in front of the judges and the judges give them points based on the song and how did he/she sing. In the end, Singers are eliminated based on the total number of scores they have recorded from Judges and the audience. It becomes quite intense in the last bits of the show, in semi-finals and finals.

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If you want to watch the show, you can tune into the ABC network at 8 pm to watch it in the US. Like every other channel trying their luck on streaming services, ABC has to do that. You can also watch the show on their streaming platform. There are other online platforms and websites that offer you the services to watch American Idol, like FuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, etc.

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