Selena Gomez is ‘PREGNANT,’ Rumor Blowing Up Social Media, Here’s The Truth and Breakdown:

One of the major things for a fan of any personality is personal life. Fans are eager to anything related to their personal life, and especially Love and relationship life. This news can either be updated from a news article or the celebrities themselves update this on their social media. That’s why the social media accounts of these personalities have so many followers in an instant.

And one of the major social platforms, where most of the stars are online these days, is TikTok. And in all of this. Salena Gomez is on Tik Tok too. Which is most probably the highlight of the whole month for her fans. Her new video raised a lot of questions for half of her fans for another half, it’s enough she uploaded.


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If you want a rumor to spread like wildfire, try tweeting it or try to upload it on any social media platform. It will spread faster than anything you have ever seen. and this sometimes can lead to dumb fans pre-calculating everything about their famous personality. On Twitter, an account named SamanthaElyssa uploaded two pictures of Salena Gomez dancing on her story and the account asked the question, is she pregnant. And the internet broke.

Fans in the replies of the tweet were fast to point many unnecessary details and they started sharing photos that are not particularly related to this incident. Many were agreeing with the tweet and many were just fed up with these things. Although Some did fight in the comment section. Some fans of course were logical and pointed out that this could have been the result of the kidney transplant surgery she had. But as the operation is getting old, her confidence in talking about it in public is back.

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NO, she is not pregnant. She never was. Salena Gomez has already opened up about her surgery. She is not comfortable talking about it but she has talked about it.  She has a lot of health issues in the past but she is now healthy. And we could not be happier for her.


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