Rob Letterman Eyeing Tom Holland to Join Detective Pikachu 2 Alongside Ryan Reynolds & Justice Smith

It’s being supposed that Tom Holland is being considered to play the lead in another Pokémon film, which bodes well.

As per WGTC’s sources, “the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s own personal Spider-Man is being considered for another big-screen excursion in the establishment and explicitly, the studio is looking at him for the part of Blue Oak in a future Pokémon side project, which would be set in a similar universe as Detective Pikachu and is a different undertaking from the immediate continuation of that film.”


One thing EVERYONE truly cherished about Detective Pikachu was the world-building. The world they figured out how to make in which people and Pokemon lived respectively practically in concordance was very invigorating.

There was additionally the reality they planned the film’s Pokemon truly well. They weren’t bumping to take a gander at blended in with genuine individuals. That was one thing I was somewhat stressed over when I initially heard they were making a live-action Detective Pikachu movie.

It would be truly fascinating to see Tom Holland in a Pokemon Movie!

Ryan Reynolds says he had a particularly extraordinary time making Detective Pikachu that he’d love to do it once more, in spite of the fact that, he trusts more films get made even if Pikachu is not a piece of them. At the point when CinemaBlend inquired as to whether we may see the universe of Pokemon in a future film, he said…

I hope so. I really loved it. I loved making it. I loved being a part of it. Even if there’s another version that doesn’t involve Pikachu you could expand the Pokemon world in such a great way so I hope they do find ways to make more of these movies.

Pokemon has been a game, a computer game, and an energized arrangement in addition to other things. Every one of these spaces has been unimaginably effective for the brand thus obviously there is trust that there could be more movies. One maker of Detective Pikachu wasn’t even bashful about the chance. The possibility of conceivably making a realistic universe out of Pokemon is something that is being thought of if the main film is done well.

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