Fans are ANGRY at Attack On Titan’s ‘Rushed’ Ending, Demands Isayama Cut

Fans are still sad about the completion of their favorite manga, Attack on Titan. They have taken over the internet these past few days and wished for a continuation. The Scout Regiment made its final appearance in the 139th chapter, and fans are speechless with the emotional ending. Fans are sad about the conclusion but are also happy with the well-deserved and magnificently scripted finale.

However, some fans had rather hard feelings about the ending and are angry with the mangaka, Hajime Isayama. The hard-core manga fans are agitated with the rushed ending in the final chapter. They believe that the mangaka hasn’t completely answered all the questions and provided a better ending. These fans even demanded Isayama Cut, following the official release of the manga.

Many fans didn’t like how the manga has ended and depicted the fate of three childhood best friends — Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. When the manga series started over a decade ago, the main trio had common opinions and goals, but the ending has completely turned their life upside down. After tearing apart the bonding, Isayama tried to pull heartstrings together in the finale, but this wasn’t liked by few fans.

Attack on Titan finale had a rushed ending!

The rushed ending in the finale chapter made the fans feel agitated and disappointed. For better or worse, the heroes in the manga got what they deserved. Toward the Tree on That Hill, the final chapter started with the aftermath of Eren’s death at the hands of Mikasa. Fans lost their favorite characters in the way but saw the unified fate of their surviving heroes.

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Eren revealed that he chose to become the worst villain in order to eliminate the Titans threat forever. In the process, he also made the heroes who stopped him the greatest heroes of the world. However, the ending also made a clear point that the threat of Titan may have ended but the years of war between humanity may not be ended ever.

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