One Piece Chapter 1010: Release Date, Time, Spoilers

One piece is the longest-running anime ever. With more than a thousand episodes in this show run time. It’s been 20 years since Monkey D. Luffy’s adventures started. And fans around the world are already excited for the release of the 1010th chapter.

In the last chapter, we were left on Onigashima’s attack when Big Mom fell. We saw some great action sequences in the last chapter and hope to see more of that in the next season. If you think Attack on Titan got the best action sequences, you have seen nothing.


Do not go ahead if you don’t want spoilers for the next chapter. Warning, all the opinions and stories which contain spoilers are taken from a fan page on Reddit. The name of the chapter is Haoshoku and it will start just after the cascade of Big Mom. When Zoro was attacked by Kaidou, in an attempt to free Prometheus, Luffy was defeated. But Kaidou was defeated because of the betrayal of Law. and also in between these, guess who is now free, yes! Prometheus. Prometheus will whisper in Big Mom’s ears that he wants something.


The next chapter will release on the 11th of April, this year. The day is Sunday. But you have to wait for the English dub of the show and also the subtitles for the show. The show will be released on the 11th but for different time zones, the release time is different.

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For e.g, for the central time zone, the chapter will be released at midnight. For the pacific time zone, the chapter will be released in the morning. the eastern time zone, the chapter will be released at noon. and for the Britishers, the chapter will be released in the evening.


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