Rapper DMX DEAD at 50, Cause of Death, Heart Attack from Drug Overdose

Dark Man X aka DMX has sadly passed away at the age of 50 on April 9, 2021. His family released a statement confirming that the troubled rapper and actor died at the age of 50. DMX’s real name was Earl Simmons.

Simmons took his last breath at White Plains Hospital, while his family was by his side. He was reportedly placed on life-support for few days before his apparent death. His family members, whom he loved dearly, were deeply saddened by his untimely demise. The family statement mentioned that the rapper was a warrior, who fought till the end. His family had cherished all the moments spent with the Party Up (Up in Here) hitmaker.

The reports claimed that he had suffered cardiac arrest, which led to his death. DMX has rushed to the hospital a week ago, on 2nd April after suffering from a heart attack. Sources claimed that he suffered the attack at his home, possibly due to the overdose. Since then, his health was critical, and was put on life support. TMZ later reported that the paramedics tried to resuscitate him after he caught cerebral hypoxia.

DMX had rapid organ failure!

Steve Rifkind, on April 7, reported that the rapper was in a comatose state. On April 9, 2021, his organs start failing, and also suffered a cardiac arrest. Earlier on the day, the reports claimed that there aren’t many doctors can do, as the rappers had significant organ failure. Also, if the rapper continued to suffer, his mother, Arnett was going to take DMX off the life support.

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DMX has produced several popular and hit songs over the years. And Then There Was X, which was released in 1999 is the most commercially successful album by the rapper. X Gon’ Give It to Ya, is still the most popular and famous song out of many others. Apart from music, he had also acted in several movies including Cradle 2 the Grave, Last Hour, and Exit Wounds.

Fans, athletes, and celebrities paid tribute to the rapper’s legacy on Twitter. Rest in Piece, X

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