Baby Girl TORTURTED!!! RAPED & KILLED!!! by Teen Neighbour Then Dumped Her Body

A young girl of just six years old became the victim of a heinous crime, which resulted in her horrific death. The innocent child was first kidnapped, then tortured, raped, and mauled to death in northern Pakistan. This horrific news has shattered many and sparked outrage among the people in South Asia, where people are calling for justice.

Gulf News reported that the horrendous incident took place in the capital city of Nowshera District, in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This province is situated in the northern part of Pakistan. The reports mentioned that the girl was identified as Seema, who had walked out of her house to play in the afternoon.

Seema’s parents began worrying in the evening when their daughter did not return home in the evening. They quickly began searching the area and even asked the mosques to call out for Seema on loudspeakers. After a brief search, the locals found a sack near a field and quickly called the police.

Seema was battered, tortured, and raped!

The dead body was transported to the Khyber Teaching Hospital in Peshawar, after an initial investigation at the Qazi Hussain Ahmed Medical Complex. The doctor broke the horrific news to her parents and police that she was tortured before being killed. Seema’s abuser attacked her on her head and other several vital parts of her young body.

The news quickly spread on social media where multiple users shared horrible and disturbing images. One image even showcased the young girl covered in bruises and blood. Police later found the perpetrator — an 18-year-old neighbor. The 18-year-old neighbor even participated while the parents and locals were searching for the young girl in the neighborhood.

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Mirror reported that the boy has confessed to the authorities that he raped and murdered the child. The teen told the police that he was forced to kill the girl after he feared that she would recognize him as a rapist. There were reports claiming another suspect was also arrested, with ties to the brutal killing, but his information hasn’t been revealed.

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