Has Jessica Biel Forgiven Justin Timberlake for His Alleged Cheating Scandal

Total Recall actress Jessica Biel was shocked and shattered when she found out about the affair of her husband, Justin Timberlake. Even though the two entertainers are still together and share two children, Biel hasn’t totally forgiven her husband. However, the couple is trying to get over things and repair their relationship, but Biel is still hurt and utterly upset with Timberlake’s act.

Fans were also sad when they heard reports claiming that the entertainers’ relationship was on rocks. Justin Timberlake was photographed cozying with his Palmer castmate Alisha Wainwright. Timberlake and Wainwright were attending a night out party in New Orleans when the cozy incident occurred. Timberlake, who is married, was photographed holding Wainwright’s hand.

In the same outing, at some point, the Can’t Stop the Feeling singer was resting his hand on his co-star’s knee and she was also resting on his. Later, Timberlake admitted that his actions were wrong, and claimed that he made a lapse in judgment directly under the influence of alcohol. He mentioned that he was high on alcohol and regretted his behavior, for which he is sorry.

Has Jessica Biel forgave Timberlake?

The 39-year-old actress was embarrassed by the behavior of her husband. She might have sounded that she had forgiven Timberlake, but she is hurt and won’t let him off easily. The couple has now realized that there is work required to return as an honest and good couple. Some inside sources revealed that Biel urged Timberlake to post a public apology for his embarrassing behavior.

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Forgiven or not, the duo aren’t planning to end their relationship as of yet. Timberlake recently announced that they were graced by the birth of a second son. He further revealed that his wife, Biel gave birth to the baby boy last year, whom they have named Phineas. The couple’s first son, Silas was born back in 2015. While appearing at the EllenDegenres show, he told the show’s host that they were thrilled and the baby is awesome and healthy.


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