Attack on Titan Chapter 140: Release Date, Discussion & Read Manga Online

Attack on Titan has been quite popular as one of the best-selling manga over recent years. The post-apocalyptic manga series is written and illustrated by Haime Isayama. Fans are upset over the fact that their favorite manga is going to end with the upcoming chapter after a decade-long successful run. The manga first debuted in September 2009 and quickly garnered global popularity. The upcoming chapter will be the 139th, which will release on Friday, 9th April 2021. This will also be the final chapter of the 34th volume of the manga. The final chapter will be available for Bessatsu Shonen magazine on Friday, however, the physical version of the graphic novel will release later in June 2021. The reports also suggest that Haime Isayama will work on Attack on Titan Chapter 140 to give a proper farewell to the acclaimed manga series.

Attack on Titan Chapter 140: Discussion

The previous chapter, Chapter 138 was released last month on 9th March, titled A Long Dream. A Long Dream revealed that the Eren Yeager has survived along with the centipede, which emerged from the Founding Titan. Later, Eren’s childhood friend and best friend face against him, while Reiner Braun tries to hold the centipede. All this while, the Rumbling has finally stopped.

Attack on Titan Chapter 140: Release Date, Discussion & Read Manga Online

Elsewhere, Mikasa is having strange feelings, as she suffers from headaches. Mikasa, while marching towards Eren and Armin, dreams that she is running away from the war with Eren. Eren then asks her to forget him for good. She asks Levi and Falco to take her to Eren and Levi creates an opening so that Mikasa can enter. Mikasa successfully flies inside the opening and decapitates Eren. Mikasa then bids farewell to Eren, while Ymir watches.

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The epic story, which fans adored for a decade, will end this week, but fans aren’t ready yet. Attack on Titan had a greater cultural impact and it will live on among manga readers for years to come. Likewise, Attack on Titan anime will also end when Part 2 of the Final Season returns later this year.

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