Returnal an Upcoming Playstation Game: Everything About It That You Should Know

Hey gamers, looking for a great game for your brand new playstation 5? Then here we come with a very interesting option for you. In today’s article we gonna talk about an upcoming ps5 game named Returnal.

Upcoming Playstation Game:

So, if you interested to know more about this upcoming console game, then must read this article carefully. In this article we gonna talk about the game review, release date and many more regarding this one.

So, let’s begin with the about the game segment.

About the game

Returnal is one of the best upcoming game of 2021 which creat a next level expectations to the game lovers. The company is mainly want to take the advantage of the latest playstation 5 and release on this platform.

This game is basically a third person game where the story of the game is based on sci-fi and psychological horror. The main developer of this game is Housemarque and it’s exclusively published by sony interactive entertainment. Here we see the unreal engine 4 on this game.

He we mainly play with a character whose name is Selene. He is a spaceship pilot who wear hi-tech suit and hold some weapons in his hand. He is stranded on an alien planet and stuck there in a time loop. So, this is the main concept of this game which hears very interesting and unique.

Release date

Now comes the most important question when the game may release. So, the official confirmation regarding this is the game will be launching on 30th April, 2021. In previous first time they revealed the game on 11th June, 2020 on steam. And now almost 11 months later the game is finally going to release.

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This is an another big question that will always create a headache to the gamers. So, the price point of this game is Rs. 4,999 which is quite decent, if we look at the gameplay.

So, that’s all for today. Stay tuned with Stanford Arts Review for latest updates.

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