Priyanka Chopra Celebrates The Festival Of Color In New York Citi With Family.

We Indian are deeply rooted to our culture and  traditions. We tend to take your culture, traditions, food and everything else that makes us feel connected to the land of saints and unity in diversity. We are a diverse nation but still we have something in common that keeps us rooted. We have a similar set of festivals, rituals, traditions and much more. We tend to leave nothing behind but carry every piece of it where ever we go.

Jonas Family Celebrates Indian festival Of Holi.

Priyanka Chopra is all in news for almost whole for the entire month of March. First Because of the Oscar nominations that was done by her and her better half Nick Jonas. Which was then followed by the interview with Oprah for her show The Super Soul for her lately published memoir  and recently because of the opening of her Indian restaurant  ‘Sona’ in the New York City.

As I spoke earlier Indians are deeply rooted to their culture and always carry it wherever they go. So does the Indian actress and world icon Priyanka Chopra to does that. She spent 30 years of her life in India and like the rest of the Indians she too is deeply rooted with the culture.

According to the sources is was said that she she even carries a small temple with her wherever she goes. She does pooja every day even in New York. Where she shifted after her marriage with Nick Jonas. Even after marriage and being a part of a completely new culture she’s always seen celebrating Indian festivals with the family.

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Holi is Priyanka Chopra’s  favorite festival unlike last year where she and Nick came down to India just to celebrate Holi organized by Richest family of India the Ambani’s. This year she celebrated Holi with her husband and her in laws at New York.

The celebration was done all privately with no guest and outsider attending it. This was done by the international Icon to keep herself and family safe from Covid -19 and keeping the current situation in mind. She even encouraged her fans to be at home and to celebrate a safe Holi indoors.

She took to Instagram and appealed to her fans to be indoor. She even Share some of her Holi celebration pictures. In the pictures she is seen with Hubby and father in – law Kevin Jonas Sr and mother in – law Paul Kevin Jonas. In the picture the family is seen posing with white outfit full of Holi colors. In the other pictures there are different type of colorful flowers, decoration items, balloons and Holi colors.

Her Instagram post says “Holi, the festival of colors is one of my favorites. Hope we all can Celebrate it with our loved ones, but in our HOMES! Happy Holi everyone.” Her post was accompanied by a red heart emoji.

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