IPhone’s Video Ad With 3Lakh Views Goes Viral Because of Its Indian Music.

Last year on 13 October, 2020 Iphone 12 was launched by Apple. As we all know the phones are always in demand not only in the regional market but even in the foreign market. The phones are known are known for its privacy and the latest technology. This year the company came up with a unique advertisement for the same phone but before  looking at the advertisement lets just rewind the features of the phone.

3Lakh Views Goes Viral

Iphone 12 comes in 4 color variants Black, White, Red, Green and Blue. It ways around 164 g and has a 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.4mm dimension. It comes with a aluminum frame with gorilla glass back. The front side of the phone too is equipped with a gorilla glass. The iPhone 12 model has dual SIM system that supports 5G, GSM,CDMA,HSPA and LTE network type. The phone is also water resistant as it is embodied with IP68.

Iphone 12 Specifications and Price.  

It comeIs with Apple  A14 Chipset and iOS 12.4 OS. The starting price of the phone in India is Rs. 78, 40. Similarly like all the modern phones IPhone comes with a inbuilt battery of 2815mAh and fast charging support system up to 20w. This makes the battery full within an hour.

The phone is features with 12mp front and back camera. It has a display screen that sizes to 6.10 inch with a 1170 x 2532 screen resolution. The phone has a face lock, accelerometer, barometer, 3D face recognition, compass, ambient light sensor and gyroscope.

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Iphone ‘Fumble’ Advertisemnet.  

Recently in order to advertise the  durability of the phone the company came up with a very interesting ad. In the world of marketing, competition and advertisement. It gets important for the company to be extra ordinary not only in the manufacturing field but also in the marketing filed.

In the recent advertisement  which was released on the companies official YouTube channel. We see a lady walking the streets on an busy weekday. She seems to be on call and accidently ends up dropping the phone down. The phone falls on the beats of an Indian musical instrument Tabla. Its interesting to see the phone falling on the musical beats and the lady dancing on the street to protect the phone.

At the end even after the lady dropping the phone so badly nothing has happened to the. It didn’t even get a minor scratch. The lady who expected to see the phone break into pieces is left astonished seeing the phone in its normal condition. She picks up the phone, gives a huge smile of satisfaction and gets back to her on going call.

Video is titled as ‘ Fumble’  and its 38 second long. Since its release it has gathered more than 16 lakh views on YouTube. The music is inspired by the Sawhneys album which was released in 1999. Nitin Sawhney is an England born Indian musician. The beats used in the video were originally composed by him and it was a part of his 1999 album.

The video and the song are not only appreciated by the viewers but even by the song composer himself.

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