Lee Jae Wook’s Contract With Vas Entertainment Ended

Lee Jae Wook’s Contract

Lee Jae Wook is a 22 years old South Korean Actor. Recently he was seen in a Korean Drama Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, in October 2020. He played lead for the first time in the drama, opposite Go Ara. The young actor made his debut by Memories of the Alhambra drama in 2018. With his phenomenal acting talent, his agency Vast Entertainment got so impressed that they signed him right away.

They signed a three-year contract with him. His fine acting was also seen in 2019 in another Korean drama named Search: WWW in which he was playing a supporting role but still got huge recognition and earned him a role in a Korean movie, The Battle of Jangsari. He was also seen in other Korean Dramas such as Extraordinary You and When The Weather Is Fine in 2020. 

Lee Jae Wook's Contract With Vas Entertainment Ended

Lee Jae Wook Termination or end of contract period with agency Vast Entertainment 

There are ups and downs in everybody’s life including actors but when actors take a certain decision for themselves, they indirectly end up saddening their fans. Recently, Lee Jae Wook Contract with the agency Vast Entertainment ended and there were no signs of renewal of the same. On 22nd March 2021, Vast Entertainment made an official statement stating that Lee Jae Wook’s contract with them for three years has ended and not be renewed. 

Lee Jae Wook's Contract With Vas Entertainment Ended

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