Joseon Exorcist, Korean Drama Faced a Huge Backlash

Joseon Exorcist, a Korean Drama that was aired on 22 March 2021 go canceled after releasing its two episodes. The Korean Drama is a historically based drama with some zombie invasion. It revolves around Joseon Dynasty where a king, King Taejong played by Kam is possessed and becomes cruel. His son, Prince Chungnyung played by Jang is a playboy and can be seen eating Chinese food along with Chinese wine. There’s another son Prince Yangnyeong in the drama. The motive of the family becomes to save the Joseon dynasty after the invasion of zombies and evil spirits.

Why the Korean Drama, Joseon Exorcist got canceled?

Just after the release of two episodes, Viewers filed a petition to cancel the show as the props, the Palace looked very Chinese and filled the complaint of the same with KCSC Korea Communications Standards Commission. More than 16,000 people signed the petition. As per the viewers, the historical details have been twisted in the drama and the usage of Chinese props and food seemed inappropriate to the viewers especially the Chinese ones. Considering the ongoing disagreement over Kimchi and the national dress of Korea between Korea and China is very sensitive and drama seemed to be in favor of China.

Joseon Exorcist, Korean Drama Faced a Huge Backlash

What did the makers say?

Makers tried to put out their point of view and tried to explain the usage of the props in the drama. As per the makers, The Dynasty shown in the drama is based on the border between Korea and Ming dynasty China. But viewers rejected their statement. After the backlash, Many companies drew back their advertisement including Samsung. Eventually, The makers had to cancel the drama after releasing the two episodes.

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 Joseon Exorcist, Korean Drama Faced a Huge Backlash

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