Taecyoen Going to Replcae Jo Byung Kyu: Everything You Want to Know

Taecyoen Going to Replcae

OK Taec-yeon is also known as Taecyeon. He is a 32 years old rapper, songwriter, singer, actor as well as and entrepreneur. He is also a part of a Korean boy band, 2 PM, and is the main lead of the band. Other than being a fantastic singer, Taecyeon is a fabulous actor who debuted with the Korean drama Cinderella’s Sister and after that got a role in the various drama as well. The list includes the following, Dream High in 2011, Who Are You? in 2013, Wonderful Days in 2014, Assembly in 2015, Let’s Fight, Ghost in 2016, Save Me in 2017, and The Game: Towards Zero in 2020. He also got featured in a recent magazine cover called 1st Look Magazine for their April issue.

In an interview, he was also asked about the comeback of the boy band which he leads at 2 PM, t which he replied that the band will do a comeback this year but the month wasn’t revealed.

Taecyoen Going to Replcae Jo Byung Kyu

Current Working Status, Dramas Taecyeon is currently working on.

he is currently playing a negative and evil role in a Korean Drama called Vincenzo. In that drama, his playing the character whose name is Jang Joon Woo, and the main lead of the drama is Song Jong Ki. The drama has a total of 20 episodes out of which 10 episodes have been aired. He has also signed an upcoming drama for which he will be playing the lead role of a carefree yet talented inspector Ryan and the opposite female lead is said to be played by Jung So Min who will play the character of Joy, intelligent women who have insecurities regarding her divorce and have a stigma about the same. The drama name is not yet confirmed but it might be Inspector Couple Joy & Ryan

Taecyoen Going to Replcae Jo Byung Kyu

Taecyeon might replace Jo Byung Kyu

The Uncanny Counter, an upcoming Korean Historical- romantic drama was gaining a lot of popularity in advance and been talk of the show since the makers of the drama have decided to cast Taecyeon instead of Jo Byung Kyu for the male lead. The drama is written by Lee Jae Hoon and the main lead Jo Byung Kyu has opted as a Male lead but since the school bullying news has been highlighted, the makers have decided to replace and change the offer and cast Taecyeon for the main lead. The reason is not yet confirmed but people are assuming the above mentioned.

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