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Johnny Depp’s Permission to Appeal a Judge’s Ruiling Got Rejected

John Christopher Depp II, 56 years old an American actor who is a producer as well as a musician. Depp was listed in Guinness World Records list as he was the highest-paid actor in 2017 earning US$75 million. Depp married two times and both of them failed. He became a teen idol when he appeared in a show called 21 Jump Street from 1987 to 1990.

Other than that he made his film debut with a movie called A Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984. Depp is one of the most prominent actors and the world’s biggest star as well. He did a number of movies and gained a number of fans as well as lovers. He has created a huge fan following among the kids as well when he played the role of Willy Wonka in a movie called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in 2017.

Johnny Depp divorce with second wife Amber Heard in 2017

In May 2016, a rumor was spread regarding Amber filing a divorce from her husband Johnny Depp. No confirmation was done until January 2017 when they confirmed filing a divorce. The couple got married in 2015 through a lavish wedding ceremony.

Amber accused Depp of doing domestic violence against her and because of that she finally made a decision to part her ways from him.

Johnny Depp's permission to Appeal a Judge's Ruiling Got Rejected

High Court rejects Johnny Depp’s appeal to re-consider the High Court’s previous decision

Johnny Depp’s lawyer appeal in the high-court to re-hear the case against The Sun newspaper which claimed Johnny to be a wife-beater. As per his lawyers, The high-court previously didn’t give him a fair chance to put up his point and considering Amber as a witness wasn’t right. They claimed that Amber is an unreliable witness as lied about donating the money which she promised to donate to a hospital during the divorce.

Johnny Depp's permission to Appeal a Judge's Ruiling Got Rejected

To this, Two Court of Appeal judges rejected Johnny’s appeal and said they can not question the High-Court’s decision as it was fair and given after hearing both of the sides.

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