Ian Somerhalder And Paul Wesley Talk About Their Connection And Returns to “The Vampire Diaries”

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley might not be bros IRL but their connection is like a fraternity after years of acting concurrently on The Vampire Diaries.

Ian Somerhalder And Paul Wesley

In a modern meeting with people, both Ian and Paul glanced behind on their moments together after the conclusion of The Vampire Diaries in 2017.

I’m said that they talked about this over and over and over and the joke exists and its beginnings of authenticity that this is not like a camaraderie Ian indicated. Well to him it is like a society, it’s like a wedding as they’ve their in it concurrently for so prolonged a period.

Paul noted that just like the brothers they played on-screen, Damon and Stefon Salvatore, complement each other well in their brotherhood.

Paul further added that We’ve fitted together for so long and our personalities completed each other on the network and we were means of like polarization contraries and he thinks it’s very fascinating that we both make the difference to the table in a favorable part.

Damon’s like the eternal dreamer, permanently pleased, eternally favorable and we are like wrong You can’t have one without the other Sort of like water and sunshine.

The team also discussed the likelihood of sending the brothers back on screen after The Vampire Diaries ending.

“With all due respect, it was such a considerable time of my existence,” Paul explained. “And I’m so appreciative, but for me, everyone has passages and that’s that division and this is a new stanza. You don’t expect to damage what’s already been created.”

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Fans may have been disheartening then, but the proficiency that season 8 would be the concert’s last allowed its producers to formulate a final season that banded loose verges and bid a reasonable farewell to its personalities.

It might be over and it first spinning off The Originals has unfortunately pursued jacket. Nonetheless, fellowship spinning off new show legacies still in the atmosphere and loaded with enough Vampire Diaries Easter eggs to fill the vampire-shaped gash in any fan’s lifestyle.

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