Call Of Duty : Warzone Teases Zombies In Verdansk Hospital By Sending Scrubs To Fans

Members of the Call of Duty: Warzone community have started receiving teasers on a new zombie event that has long been rumored to be imminent.

Call of Duty : Warzone Updates

Community members have received hospital gowns with a note indicating that something terribly terrible is coming soon, which appears to be a transparent reference to the earlier rumors. Warzone was a huge hit for Activision last year. Not only did it give Call of Duty: Trendy Warfare a nice boost after launch, it also came at the perfect time.

The free battle royale game just because the coronavirus pandemic forced everyone to enter, which means people want one. Now, a year later, the beloved Warzone card can be destroyed and removed forever. Based on the spoilers, it won’t be available through special events, playlists, or anything else in the world. Judgment day is coming, which seems terribly soon. It’s getting dark in Verdansk, “the note said.”Escape as long as you can. I already said take two of these and I’ll see you in the morning, but you won’t hold out until morning.”

Call Of Duty : Warzone Teases Zombies In Verdansk Hospital By Sending Scrubs To Fans

Now it is only a matter of time before the chaos can kick-start. The Warzone nuclear event is expected to return to a zombie event as the grand finale, no doubt to prevent the undead from spreading. planted on the map for a short time after a freaky shipwreck, rocket silos and additional doping.

As long as Activision officially embarks on a sales strategy, it certainly won’t be long before the dead are resurrected. After this event, it is not entirely clear what will happen. Few rumors suggest a change to a Cold War-era map, but not much information is currently available. 2021 will be unleashed in Warzone later this year, though Activision is keeping things calm about all of the details in it Reports conclude that Sledgehammer could come to Call of Duty 2021, and it could whisk players away into a WWII or wartime scenario that could offer a unique take on Call of Duty: Warzone gave it a plan for contemporary shooter action in its gift form.

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