K-pop Star Hyunjin’s Apology for School Bullying Sparks Debate

K-pop Star Hyunjin’s

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A K-pop star will suspend all exercises, his administration organization said, after he was blamed for being a domineering jerk while at school.

Hyunjin’s Apology

Hyunjin, 20, of kid band Stray Kids, given an expression of remorse after charges by an anonymous previous classmate that he was obnoxiously injurious during his teenage.

Seven different big names in South Korea have confronted allegations as of late yet most have denied the charges.

It comes after a comparative flood of allegations about sports stars.

A month ago a couple of volleyball hotshots and twin sisters were eliminated from the Korean public group following comparable charges.

School harassing isn’t a greater amount of an issue in South Korea than somewhere else, our journalists say, yet lately, the issue has been a subject of much discussion.


On Saturday, Hyunjin’s administration office JYP Entertainment said in a statement (in Korean) that the vocalist will “set aside the effort to self-reflect in the wake of stopping the entirety of his exercises as a VIP”.

Details About Hyunjin’s Bullying Controversy

A week ago, an unknown web-based media client composed a post on an online gathering specifying how Hyunjin, whose complete name is Hwang Hyunjin, had been obnoxiously harsh when they were in center school during their initial adolescents.

Following an examination and meetings with the vocalist’s previous educators and classmates by JYP Entertainment, his organization said that the artist has since met the informer and apologized for his past activities face to face.

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Hyunjin additionally posted a protracted manually written expression of remorse on Instagram. “If it was planned, I don’t figure I can be excused at all for giving extraordinary torment to somebody,” he composed.

Since he has been suspended from work, web-based media responses have been blended about whether it was all in all correct to rebuff somebody over something that happened years prior.

A few clients said that his statement of regret ought to have been sufficient, however, others said that he merited it, being an icon with numerous devotees.

In the previous week, different idols who have been blamed for school harassing incorporate Soojin of young lady bunch (G)I_DLE, Mingyu of kid band Seventeen, Kihyun of Monsta X, and entertainers Kim Dong-hee, Jo Byung-Gyu, and Park Hye-soo.


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