Redmi First Smart TV Specifications, Price, Features And Comparison With Rival Brands

Chinese based company Xiaomi’s sub brand Redmi launched its first smart TV in India on 17 march, 2021. Xiaomi has been selling the TVs and smart TV almost from the day it started manufacturing TVs. it has a well established market in India in terms of smart phones and smart TVs.

Redmi’ s First Ever Smart TV. 

Redmi smart TV X series is priced at around 32,999 in comparison with Realme, Nokia and Xiaomi’s smart TV’s all the four brands and the models are ranged between the same price. Mi TV  which too is a part of the Xiaomi company priced the TV at around Rs. 38,999 followed by Realme smart TV SLED 4K at Rs 42,999 and Nokia 139cm at around 39,999.


All the four brands have launched the TV’s with 4k resolution screen. Talking about the size the size of screen size there is no much difference in that too. As all the four smart TV’s has a screen size of 55inch that is 139cm. Redmi X55 has a Dolby vision with HDR and HDR10+. Mi 4X has a HDR along with Realme SLED 4K TUV Rheinland low -light certification chroma Boost. Nokia 139 cm has Micro dimming and HDR10.

Redmi, Nokia and Realme has a 3.5 audio jack, 2.1 HDMI a 2 x USB Ethernet and AV where as Mi 4X has 3 x HDMI, a 2 x USB Ethernet and AV. Nokia has a RF input along with Realme SLED 4k. Nokia and Realme comes with 4 speakers where as Redmi and MI has only 2 Speakers respectively.

Redmi has a 2 speakers of 30W each respectively, followed by Mi with 20W speakers , Realme with 24W four speakers and Nokia with the loudest speakers of 48w. Redmi has DTS virtual : X  and DTS HD along with Mi and Realme where as Nokia has better technology and sound system as compared to other three. Nokia TV comes with by 6D sound, IMAX Enhanced, sound by Onkyo and Dolby Audio.

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Redmi has a Android TV remote app with all other three TV models. Non of the TVs are featured with dedicated apps. Talking about connectivity all the four models are embodied with a Bluetooth and Wi- Fi system and Chromecast support. On the other hand Nokia and Realme has No ARC support system.

Redmi has a Quad core A55 CPU with 2GB RAM. Remaining three are operated by Amlogic Cortex A53 Quad core, Quad core mediaTek CPU and CA 55 quad core CPU respectively. Besides Realme which has RAM of 1.5 GB all three has 2GB RAM.

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