3 Countries Other Than India Where PUBG is/was Banned

PUBG was one of the most popular games on not just PC but on the phone too. It was played by millions of players in the world. Although the game is still valid and its presence can be felt in the market full of battle royale gaming where you fight with other teams or players to get that chicken dinner. First, there was Fortnite, then Apex Legend, and then COD. But no game has been loved by players in this field other than PUBG.

3 Countries: PUBG was Banned

In India too, PUBG mobile made a huge market because of its coming of the age gaming community which also on the way to becoming the world’s largest gaming community until PUBG mobile was banned in India on the grounds of safety. But despite the criticism, India not the only country where the government has taken severe steps. There are more countries on the list.

PUBG was Banned: CHINA

The government of China banned PUBG on the ground of the portrayal of Violence and addictiveness among teenagers. It comes as a surprise because Tencent, the older company which was designing PUBG was a Chinese company and that’s why PUBG was banned in India for valid reasons. But because the Chinese market is the biggest gaming market for PUBG, they changed the game so that it can come under the terms of the Chinese communist government. Now they don’t show red color when you killed another player. When a player dies he will say goodbye to you. There was no major change but still, it’s a lot.

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Yeah, you saw this right, Pakistan also banned PUBG. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) banned it on the grounds of addictiveness and the health of the youth of Pakistan. The reason was the same as China. And it is possible the reasons are valid. On the contrary, they did remove the ban after sometime when the gaming community of Pakistan complained. After the ruling of the Islamabad High Court., PTA, removed the ban.


Yes, Afghanistan had also banned PUBG because of the same reasons we made earlier. And this is a common reason in every country PUBG was banned. Although the step was not taken instantly. Afghanistan’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority or ATRA consulted many ministries and also carried out surveys and then came to the conclusion to ban the game. PUBG is still banned in Afghanistan.

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